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RWBY: Aisha Krystal

Name: Aisha Krystal 

Nickname: Crystal-Girl (Ruby or Juane), The Manipulator (Crimms) Ms. Krystal (teachers)

Gender: female 

Age: 17

Hair: black (it reaches to her butt)

Eyes: Blue

Height and weight: the same as Blake's

Skin: tan

Semblance: Crystal Manipulation 

Family: Zara Diamond (Mother: deceased) Clay Wood (Father: deceased) Vlad Wood (Uncle: deceased)

Clothes: a blue tub crop top, and a blue short sarong skirt

Accessories: a golden arm bracelet on her left and a gold armband on her right, a ocean blue bandage wrapped on her left knee, a golden leg band on her right and a golden leg armor on her left, a white long fur hooded cloak with a blue mask, and she has a golden dust crystal necklace that can give her energy and heal major or minor wounds

Occupation: huntress/healer/survivalist 

Weapon/s: she can make any weapons out of crystals but her main weapon is a crystal bow and arrows

Likes: singing, dancing , hunting, sparing, animals, dinosaurs, learning new things, making herbal tea and medicines, and nature

Dislikes: pollution, hatred, people fighting a lot, losing the ones she loves, Cinder and her team

When Aisha was born, her parent died on an accident. Her uncle adopted we and raised her to be the best huntress. He thought her how to survive and to fight and teaches her her aura and semblance at the age of six. Her uncle even told her stories and history about dinosaurs and all other plant life. Then one day it everything changes. When her uncle took her on a trip on her eighth birthday, a freak storm came and made the ship crash on a mysterious island full of dinosaurs. Aisha was able to survive but her uncle wasn't able to. Aisha learned how to survive on the island thanks to her semblance and aura and her uncle’s training. Aisha befriended a male Dire Wolf that has yellow eyes and black fur that she named Hades. Aisha and Hades became a team and work together to survive the island. Aisha could speak and understand the dinosaurs and she knows also the Crimms. The Crimms know about her and the king, Vokun (meaning shadow in skyrim) orders his "knights" to capture her believing she doesn't belong here. But Aisha and Hades fought valiantly and were able to defeat them and escaped.

Aisha's crystal manipulation got her title "The Manipulator" and she became the dangerous huntress on the island. 

Aisha knows all the areas and what plants and poisonous or not but some plants are alive and eats living things like people or animals. Aisha also befriended a dark brown female Pteranodon name Ava. She lets Aisha to ride on her so she can see from above. Then one day, when she (wearing her hood fur cloak mask) and Hades were hunting for an Entelodonts (Prehistoric Pigs look it up) until she saw RWBY and JNPR being attacked by Track the Trex. Aisha knows they stumbled to his territory and Trex is protective on his territory. She jumps in and uses her crystal bow and arrows. She uses her earth dust crystals to push Tack away. The earth dust crystals exploded into his scales as he was being punched really hard. He roared at Aisha and tries to chomp at her but she was fast as lightning as she dodged and jumps on his back. She lands on his back and made a crystal war hammer before she strikes it hard on Track's his head. It caused Track's to roar in pain and collapse on the ground. Aisha jumps off before he could crash on the ground she lands in front of the others and took out ice and fire dust crystals. She throws them into the sky as they exploded into a mist. Once it was cleared, Aisha and the others were gone. Aisha leads them to safety but not before Hades appeared from out of the undergrowth. Jaune screamed like a little girl and jumps into Ren's arms while the others were ready to fight but Aisha raised her hand to stop them as she gently strokes Hades's head. They know that he is friendly and follows Aisha to her home.

It's a tree house that was connected to other trees with bridges. They only way to get up is to climb or use the secret staircase that is hidden on a big tree. Aisha uses a special knock to open the secret door of the tree that has the staircase. Team RWBY and JNPR were shock to see her home was so beautiful. They could see the whole island and the ocean. Aisha revealed herself to them and they were shock to see a really beautiful girl that saved them. They told her why they were here and Aisha knows why Vokun wants Yang for since Ava heard it from the other Crimm Nevermores. Aisha helps them find Yang and got to know them.

She will be in Sporedude135 story called The Land That Can't Be Erased 

I don’t own RWBY or the story. They belong to their respectful owners. 

This is Elerrian daughter of Sylvanas and Legolas. She's either eight or seven years old. She's like her mother and her father. She is kind and is a born leader.

I made her for  FirelotusPrime in for her story A Silver Heart 

I don't own her or Hobbits they belong to their respective owners.
Flora the Mutant Plant

This is Flora, the mutant plant or flower. She can shoot bullet seeds, summons wild thorny vines, and releasing deadly pheromones that can choke her victims to death.

I do not own Godzilla the Series  



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