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DinoSquad 7: Days
It had only been a few days since she joined the Dino Squad. And she still had a lot to learn.
“I'm so sorry, Ms. Moynihan.” Michelle stood next to a glass cup, shattered all over the floor.
“Oh it's all right, dear. Just clean it up.” Moynihan turned to return to her duties.
“You aren't going to rip my shoulder?” Michelle sounded stunned.
“What? Why would I do that?” Moynihan asked.
“Well, Victor would...” Michelle started to say.
A hand on Michelle's shoulder. “Dear, I am not Victor.” Moynihan smiled.
:iconbluedramon:Bluedramon 9 0
DinoSquad 4: Insides
No one understood how it had worked. Not even Moynihan had been able to come up with an explanation for it. At will, they could transform into a dinosaur, controlling it to such a degree that they could transform just one body part. Their DNA was rewritten, somehow giving them conscious control of their DNA.
Fiona closed her eyes for a second, then looked at her hand. Golden skin with hooked claws from the fingers. She could only thing of one thing to say.
“How is this possible?”
:iconbluedramon:Bluedramon 8 1
Dino Squad Rise to power ch 1
Dino Squad Raising Power
Ch 1: Where to go?
As a young boy with purple hair and grey eyes waited for his friends out front of the old lighthouse he could not help but to worry. The wind whipped at his untucked shirt and his lose tie. The boy looked up at the clouds and noticed that they were pitch black and were low to the ground. A small sound echoed in his pocket, witch made him jump.
“Darn that cell,” the boy muttered as he drew it from his pocket. He opened it to find that he had a new text. He clicked a button and the text showed up on the screen.
Hey it’s Max. Sorry but me and the gang can’t make it-
to the lighthouse. Sever thunderstorm.
Have not heard from Buzz. Sorry-
Again Caruso.
Caruso sighed. It’s just like Max nowadays to blow off things like this. Caruso looked off down the road to see a car driving up. As the car parked a young boy with a green mohawk step out. He was in a orange tank-top and had on green pants, he also had a brown belt and a bl
:icondemonwolfwing:Demonwolfwing 3 10
Dino Squad: Shadows chapter 5
The animal bit down harder, her teeth easily penetrating the dog's furry skin. Blood dripped from her jaws and stained the sandy ground. Rump whined painfully and attempted to bite the animal. But his head would not reach. In response to Rump's attempted attack, the animal began to slam her head against the ground, striking Rump with great force. A small pool of blood appeared on the ground. Rump let out a loud yelp.
Fiona started to rush towards the creature, shouting, "Leave him alone!"
Rump's whines slowly gave way to growls as his body began to glow. He rapidly grew in size. The creature was not expecting this and her eyes widened. The fully transformed Rump caused her to open her jaws wider. While holding the mutated dog was not too much of a problem for an animal her size, the dog's strength had increased and she was clearly having a more difficult time holding him.
Rump managed to clamp down on the purple creature's snout, causing her to release him. She brought a paw to her fac
:iconbluedramon:Bluedramon 3 1
Out of the Wall :iconspiritofdarkness:Spiritofdarkness 156 38 Curl :icondraconsson:DraconsSon 5 1


This is Cinder Smaug and Serena's second hatchling. She is kind and generous and she can breathe amethyst fire. He ability is to make illusions. She is the sister of Aiden and Val. 

Story: The Little Girl and Smaug 


I do not own Smaug or Hobbits just my oc 
This is Smaug and Serena's first hatchling. His name is Aiden and he is the brother of Cinder and Val. He can breathe black/red fire and his spiked tail can turn into a blade or any useful sharp weapons. He can also camouflage making him stealthy. 

Story: The Little Girl and Smaug 

Game: The Little Girl and Smaug 


I don not own Smaug or Hobbits just Aiden, Serena, Cinder and Val  
Vida Venandi
This is Vadi Venandi from my story 
The Little Girl and the Mythical Creatures she is a huntress of monsters and slayer of demons. She knows how to exorcism ghost and evil spirits. She's best friends with Sofia Johnson and she was raised by her parents and trained by them. Vida knows how to defend herself and she is no girly girl. She is tough and smart and many boys would do anything to ask her out but she is not interest to any of them because tehy aren't worthy to be hers but an alien hunter has an eye on her. 

Vida is one tough huntress that shouldn't be mess with. 

Slyvanas Coronation Dress
This is Slyvanas Coronation Dress were she becomes Queen of Stormwind.  This for FireLotusPrime in her story called the A Silver Heart she asked me to make Slyvanas's dress. 

I do not own Sylvana or the Hobbit. They belong to their respectful creators


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